Alpesh is one of the most successful investor and entrepreneur mentors in the world. Pursuing a mission to teach people to make money to solve big world problems.

Over 300m see his BBC Paper Review. Find out why he is flown globally to speak to thousands of people annually. Portfolio includes Rothschilds, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Barclays, Lloyds, UK Government, Oxford University, Merrill Lynch HSBC, American Express, Goldman Sachs.

A professionally trained world-class global speaker/host, TV presenter.

CEO in Asset Management. International Bestselling Author. Financial Times and Bloomberg TV Alumnus, former Visiting Fellow in Business, Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, BBC Paper Reviewer. UK Government Dealmaker, Department for International Trade. Barrister. Co-founder, UK Chapter of the World's Largest Entrepreneurs Mentoring Organisation ( OBE for services to the Economy and International Trade.

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Alpesh’s insight to the markets and trading are a must read for traders of all levels including beginners, there is something for everyone.

Lord Peter Cruddas, Chairman CMC Group

Mr. Alpesh Patel was a guest speaker at Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild Europe’s Annual Institutional Seminar, held in Luxembourg. His tailor made presentation on the outlook for global markets was witty, informative and extremely well received by the over 300 professionals present. We would highly recommend Mr. Patel as a speaker at any such event

Dominique Dubois

Vice President,
Banque Privée Edmond de
Rothschild Europe

Alpesh has wit, professionalism, humour, energy and above all a generous spirit that however busy his schedules are, Alpesh has hosted and supported me in numerous events. He has the ability to make each and every event from charity fundraisers  to business awards a uniquely memorable experience. I am eternally grateful for his continued support.

Baroness Verma, House of Lords

Alpesh is truly one of the best public speakers I have met. His speech is so powerful and grasps attention of the audiences every single moment. The content he delivered is unparalleled and is so distinctive that I saw a lot of audiences taking pictures on the slides. Alpesh really knows what the audiences need and expect and he is able to deliver them all!

Ivan Yip

Inward Investment Manager|
UK Trade & Investment |
British Consulate-General Hong Kong

Alpesh is an absolute professional, always prepared, knowledgeable and above all engaging. He speaks authoritatively on a wide range of marco economic issues and always manages to engage the audience making the more mundane stories compelling and thought provoking. I have no hesitation in recommending him or working with Alpesh in the future.

Sasha Redford, InterTrader Brokers, Bwin

Alpesh increasingly was the face of our launch of Universal Stock Futures. We worked with him for over a year and in all media from books to print articles to online weekly columns. He was excellent value for money and we renewed the contract until our objectives were reached of user uptake. The regard with which he is held in the industry and by the public meant LIFFE as the world's then second largest derivatives exchange were delighted to be Cobranded with Alpesh. His deep understanding of the private investor market meant we used him for strategic marketing consultancy advice too to hone our messaging. This proved invaluable. I highly recommend Alpesh; professional insightful impactful great value.

Sapna Kandukuri

Marketing Manager – LIFFE
(World’s Second Largest
Derivatives Exchange)

It was a pleasure having Alpesh speak at the annual Barclays Wealth and Investment Management Diwali event. He is by far one of the most talented speakers that I have come across to date. He has the gravitas and natural ability to captivate an audience and keep them engaged throughout; a gift that very few have. Despite his exemplary speaking abilities, what sets Alpesh out from the crowd is the sincerity that sits behind every word he delivers; an intangible quality that allows him to "hit a home run every time!

Ruchira Talwar, Barclays Wealth

Find out how one of the UK’s best known traders and broadcasters uses the wealth of information out there.

Michael Foulkes, CEO TD Waterhouse Europe

Alpesh’s proven track record speaks for itself. Learning from him will help ordinary people match the results of market professionals.

Clive Cooke, CEO CityIndex

Takes a no-holds barred approach to uncovering stock market secrets, and searches for the truth that most financial TV coverage keeps well hidden…a brave guide that will help any stock market investor navigate the muddy waters of financial reporting – a sort of Columbo meets Warren Buffet.

Polly Fergusson, Shares Magazine

Alpesh is a born authoritative commentator and always insightful news editorial contributor. I miss the time when his FT column on online investing was my incentive to buy the weekend edition.

Ivan Schouker, CEO American Express Sharepeople

Seasoned traders and new investors alike will learn much from Alpesh Patel’s “no nonesense” guide to the industry

Philip Hamsheir, BBC

…one of the savviest traders around. Read [Investing Unplugged] and you are guaranteed to be a better investor.

Peter Temple, Financial Times Columnist

Insights into online trading from one of the leading authorities in the field.

Craig Walling, CEO Charles Schwab Europe

Alpesh clearly brings to life the difference between what analysts and the media ‘spin’ and what you should trust.

Hans Georgeson, Director Barclays Stocksbrokers


"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets"

Ludwig Van Beethoven



Alpesh Patel OBE speaker Financial Times


Entertain : Inform : Inspire


From Financial Times Competition Winner

Why do fund managers often under-perform? How can you filter for the best stocks? There are 9,000 companies but only 15 should be in your portfolio - which? What does the research show on what works in investing over the years?


UK Government's Dealmaker

Why are Government's chasing the DNA of the entrepreneur? What are the traits of the successful tech entrepreneur? How are they going global? How do they get introductions to people they need? What are the sources of funding they can tap into? What do the ideal pitches look like and plans - how can you spy on your competitor's pitch decks and get great ideas proven to get funding? How through the Einstein Challenge can they solve the world's biggest problems?


From my Annual Oxford University Lecture

Given to business people annually. What does research show makes leaders? What psychological factors influence following? How important is the messenger according to data?


From my International Bestselling Book of the same name

What are the wealth creating strategies of the most successful traders in the world? What do winning hedge funds do right? Are male traders better than women? What does the data say of the winning pyschology?


As Co-Author of "Our Turn" A Guide to Women Entrepreneurs

In this talk, Alpesh makes data dance by bringing it to life; he collides the mind boggling stats on economic growth, wealth creation and social justice that explode, inspire and uplift so many if women and ethnic minorities succeeded and participated in growth at the same rate as other groups. So why don’t they? What are the forces holding things back for all of society? Are they malevolent or voluntary?


Social Media Reviews

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“educational, thought provoking and inspiring.” ~ Matt Strong

“always inspired by your continued progress” ~ Adrian Mutton

“I love your content! Giving transparency to everyone about the world institutional finance, coupled with  some banter for the haters” ~ Miles Mercury

“The content you provide is very valuable and insightful” ~ Bini Ghaffar

“amusing and the resources provided are very informative” ~ Vinay Patel

“Your views on the institutional investment space were enlightening” ~ Henry Wagstaff

“your content on TikTok recently and found it very informative (with the right amount of humour and sarcasm).” ~ Zacharias Malguitou

“I’ve been watching your tiktok videos and have gotten so much value out of them. I’ve done due diligence on it and it’s all lining up.”  ~ Heather Smith

“love what your doing on your social media. Please send my regards to this brilliant man” ~ Samuel allmett




I am one of the world's leading authorities in investing globally and entrepreneurship; I am a CEO, an International best-selling Financial Times Author, TV presenter. Channel 4 TV called me the 'UK's best known online trader' and Financial Times said I am 'Top FTSE 100 forecaster'.


I know what makes companies successful and show people how to invest. The UK Prime Minister appointed me to advise on UK-India ties. For the UK Government, as their Dealmaker, I find exceptional tech entrepreneurs to solve the world's biggest problems. I am a former Visiting Fellow at Oxford University on Business and received the OBE in 2020 for services to the Economy and International Trade. 

I am an FCA regulated fund manager in Private Equity/Hedge Fund. 

My mission is to teach people to make money to solve big problems.

*Professional/Business: Co-Founder UK Chapter of world's largest entrepreneur mentoring organisation. ( Barrister. Founder investing software, part of the award-winning UK's largest private investor software company. 

*Boards: formerly, Chatham House Council, United Nations Assoc (UK), ICICI Private Bank Division (advisory board)

*Public Speaking: At over 500 conferences globally, including for Rothschilds, Foreign Office, Department for International Trade, London Business School, Barclays, PwC, Cap Gemini, on entrepreneurship, business leadership, fund raising, investing, government policy on trade. 

*Governmental:  Dealmaker, UK Government, Dept for International Trade to source global tech companies to solve the world's biggest problems. I worked for US Congressman Eliot Engel, including speech writing and lobbying on counter-terrorism, appointed by UK Prime Minister to UK-India Roundtable. Advised Foreign Office, previously. 

*TV Presenter/Author: TV presenter with my show on Bloomberg TV on investing. Also formerly co-host on CNBC. Sky TV Newsbytes host - tech/politics show. A column in Financial Times on investing. BBC paper reviewer on global politics to a worldwide audience of around 300m. 18 books on investing, business including for women entrepreneurs. One was outselling Harry Potter for a while! 

*Academic: Former Visiting Fellow in Business, Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Degrees in Law (King's London) and Philosophy, Politics, Economics (Oxford). Lectured at University of International Business, Beijing. Annual lecture at Oxford University on Leadership. 

*Past/present clients: Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Merrill Lynch HSBC, American Express

*Awards: Won competition in Financial Times to forecast FTSE 100 over 12 month period.


  • PRAEFINIUM PARTNERS, FOUNDER PRINCIPAL: Chairman, CEO of global venture capital / private equity asset management firm. 

  • HM GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE, DEALMAKER  Sourcing technology and entrepreneurs from India/China, SE Asia, to solve the world’s biggest problems and do deals to HQ them in the UK. 

  • Developed vision, implemented strategy to secure, recruit, and retain tech-rich start-up investments into the UK and thereafter global exports by them through shaping deals with investors and corporations worldwide. 

  • Most senior member of a ten-strong team that delivered £1BN of investment to the UK since 2005. 

  • Responsible for developing key relationships for with ministers, global governments, trade bodies, senior civil servants and blue chip investors, to position the organisation as a voice of entrepreneurs on foremost economic, political issues to maximise its effectiveness, through technical knowledge of policy and building strong trusted relationships to manage strategic risks; receiving several awards for the work. 

  • CHATHAM HOUSE, INVESTMENT COMMITTEE: Advising on the allocation of funds for Chatham House, including investment strategy; having helped establish Chatham House Prize present by HM Queen.


  • NUMBER 10 ENTREPRENEURIAL ADVISORY GROUP MEMBER: Hand-selected by PM’s office; delivered instrumental advice and strategy to attract and retain overseas entrepreneurs, IP assets and investments. 

  • UK INDIA BUSINESS ANGELS NETWORK, CHAIRMAN: Achieved agreement from the Prime Minister to launch a UK India Business Angel initiative, which partners Indian and UK investors with British companies to promote UK inward investment by Indian companies. 

  • UK INDIA BUSINESS COUNCIL FOUNDING DIRECTOR: A UK-India government body, established to promote bi-lateral trade and growth. Member of Remuneration Committee. Board responsibilities include oversight of strategy, lobbying initiatives, governance and finances. Membership includes FTSE 100 companies. 

  • THE INDUS ENTREPRENEURS (TIE), UK CHAPTER CO-FOUNDER: Board Member of a global entrepreneur mentoring organisation with 57 chapters and 13,000 members across 14 countries. Responsible for strategy to recruit and retain FTSE 100, Dow 30, global business members including HSBC, Microsoft by engaging them with valuable programmes and building pride in the organisation.


  • DEPT FOR INTL TRADE, UK GOVERNMENT: DEALMAKER 2005 - PRESENT Retained by UK Trade and Investment as part of an expert, senior team of Dealmakers. Contributes significant value to the UK economy, winning recognition within the Department; sourced and introduced early stage technology, IP and entrepreneurial talent from India, China and SE Asia, and also from US, EU, for UK HQs (special focus on women entrepreneurs).

    Secured financing from major venture capital, private equity and angel investment groups to evolve and transform start-up businesses to multi-million-pound entities.  Contributed £1BN of inward investment / wealth creation into the UK as the longest serving and most senior member of a ten-person team, by driving engagement with business, converting leads into investment through deal making. 

    Secured more than 80 high-growth businesses with a 90% survival rate; built exceptional relationships with global governments, ministers, trade bodies, diplomats, civil servants and entrepreneurs to achieve success.

  • PRAEFINIUM PARTNERS: CHAIRMAN | FOUNDING PRINCIPAL 2004 - PRESENT Launched fund management entity from initial acquisition; created business processes, infrastructure and growth strategy, with full compliance and regulatory authorisation in the UK, Luxemburg, Cyprus and Singapore. Developed the business to secure assets of €100M, with offices in UK, Singapore, Hungary and Germany. Help team set and achieve goals through mentoring and training.

  • ALPESH PATEL VENTURES LTD | TRADERMIND LTD: FOUNDER 1997 - PRESENT A high-profile past and present client list in 73 countries, including: American Express, Goldman Sachs, Lloyds Bank, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Barclays, Merrill Lynch HSBC, Charles Schwab, LIFFE, ICICI Bank, and E-Trade. Created a trustworthy personal brand as a global authority on fintech, investing, wealth management, entrepreneurship and business, as well as democratising investment by providing exceptional free education to create a society of global world-class investors.

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP, BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT ADVISOR:  ICICI Bank, Investment Advisory Committee to Private Banking Division: Advised on global economy and best products & funds for a global high net worth market for India’s largest bank. (2006-2010)  Member of the UK India Roundtable; advised Prime Ministers of both countries on building closer strategic ties, with initiatives becoming Government policy. (1999-2004) 

  • MEDIA AND TELEVISION:  Financial Times columnist, Bloomberg TV, CNBC Co-host: 200 columns published in the FT on global investing; winning FT award for most accurate FTSE predictor. Co-host Bloomberg TV on global business issues.  Authored a book that achieved #2 spot on Amazon, just behind Harry Potter.  Developed the lucrative financial section of Asian Voice as Consultant Editor; a leading weekly publication for UK Asian business. Created, editor of online trading sub-magazine within Shares magazine. 

  • ACADEMIC ADVISORY: Consults to university leadership / Boards and provides academic expertise to students.  King’s College, London, Principal’s Advisory Board Member 2008-  Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs), Member of Council 2003-9  University of Luton, Governor and Member of the Strategic Planning & Finance Committee, 2004 – 2007  University of Reading, Board of Advisors, Centre for Entrepreneurship, 2002 – 2004  Oxford Business School Venture Fund, Member of the Executive Committee, 2004  Associateship of Kings College (AKC)


Visiting Fellow, Business and Industry, Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, 2001 – 2002 MA, Philosophy, Politics & Economics, St. Anne’s College, Oxford University, 1995; Bursary internship to US Congress Called to Bar of England & Wales from Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn (1993) LLB (Hons) & Associateship, Kings College, London University, 1992


  • Author of 18 investment books published by Financial Times/MacMillan; translated into Russian, German, French, Thai, Korean, Chinese 

  • 7 Simple Strategies of Highly Effective Traders (Harriman)

  • Our Turn! The Ultimate Start-Up Guide for Female Entrepreneurs (Foreword by Lord Dennis Stevenson) 

  • Global Financial Markets Revolution: The Future of Capital Markets (MacMillan)

  • Investing Unplugged (MacMillan)

  •  The Diary of an Internet Trader (FT) 

  • The Mind of a Trader (FT): Lessons in trading strategy from the world’s leading traders 

  • Outsourcing Success: The Management Imperative (MacMillan/Tata McGraw Hill) 

  • Trading Online (FT) – reached no.2 on Amazon UK charts 

  • Net-trading: Strategies from the Frontiers of Electronic Day Trading (FT) 

  • The Internet Trading Course (FT)  The Online Traders Cookbook (Wiley) 

  • The Pocket Guide to Trading Online (FT) 

  • Alpesh Patel on Stock Futures (Harriman) 

  • The Internet Trading Coursebook (FT) 

  • SpreadBetting: What Winners Do (Harriman) 

  • Your Questions Answered on Money, Investing, Financial Planning


  • Investing in the UK – Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Shanghai, US, India 2005-2020 

  • Global Entrepreneurs & How They Build Their Businesses, Kolkotta

  • How Global Entrepreneurs

  • Go Global From the UK, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore 

  • Indo-British All Party Parliamentary Group, Panelist, UK,

  • Accompanied Minister, Department of Energy and Climate Change, Delhi, Lucknow, Punjab,

  • Department for International Development, UK Govt. (DFID), Panel Speech, London, 

  • Banque Privee Edmond De Rothschild Europe, Shaping the Future, Speech, Luxembourg, 

  • UK Trade & Investment, India Business Day Conference, Host,  Panel participation,

  • Belfast part of G8 event on inward investment,

  • House of Lords, to IT Ministry of Govt of Andhra Pradesh,  

  • Imperial College, Business and Faith, 

  • Imperial College, Breakfast speech with Jim O’Neill and Sir Paul Judge, Host,  

  • Barclays Bank, Hindu Society Speech,  

  • Raising Capital, Delhi for TIE,  

  • Establishing businesses in the UK for UKTI/FCO, Kuala Lumpur & Singapore,  

  • Keynote, Fund management and software innovation, Paris, 

  • Keynote, Smart Investor Conference, Hong Kong, and Singapore 

  • Keynote, KPMG, UK India Potential to UK Indian VIP Community,

  • Keynote, UK-India Potential with Stephen Timms MP, Houses of Parliament, 

  • Speech, All Party Parliamentary Small Business Group, UK Parliament, 

  • Speech, Investing Globally through the UK in Budapest to Business School, 

  • Keynote, American-European Investment Bankers Association Real Estate Conference, Mumbai,  

  • Launch Host, Finance Business Insurance Magazine, Houses of Parliament,  

  • Talk, All Party Small Business Group, Houses of Parliament,  

  • Chairman, presentation session on entrepreneurship & UK-India Opportunities, Oxford Business School,

  • ‘Business Success’, to Investment Bankers in London: JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs,

  • ‘Market Outlook and Asian Business’, to Birmingham Businessmen, PwC,  

  • ‘Women and Business’, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce,  

  • UKTI, Consultation Presentation on Govt White Paper on Globalisation, Trade and Investment,  

  • ‘Starting in business’, Senior Executives Programme, London Business School,  

  • University of International Business, Beijing: ‘You didn’t know the UK leads Europe in IT?’,  

  • Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade, UK representative in Beijing at Asia-Europe New Economy and Trade Cooperation Symposium to chair sessions and speak on strategies to improve EU-ASEAN-China trade,  

  • UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Malaysian Foreign Office; UK representative at the Asia-Europe Young Leaders Symposium to recommend strategies for closer EU-Asia ties,  

  • Indian High Commission, ‘The UK IT advantage and dangers of Indian IT complacency’, Nehru Centre London,  

  • ‘Improving investment bank trader selection’, Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation


  • Deputy Chairman, Millennium Gates commemorating the service of Commonwealth soldiers in the two World Wars (2015-present) and committee member (2010-2015)  

  • Women Empowered, Champion, 2012- Present  

  • Akshaya Patra Host Fundraiser; raised >£30k,  

  • Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee member, King’s College London,  

  • Principal’s Circle Donor: King’s College, London University  

  • Oxford University Centre for Hindu Studies, Advisory Board, 2011- Present  

  • Televised telethon for Akshaya Patra, Host; India school children feeding Programme,  

  • Commonwealth Memorial Gates (Constitution Hill), Council Member

  • Co-host, dinner for HRH Duke of Edinburgh, Royal Society for Encouragement of Arts,  

  • TiE, mentor to young entrepreneurs as part of TiE mentoring programme, 1999 – Present  

  • Rowathon, Barclays Bank for RowForFreedom  

  • City Hindu Network, Advisory Board

  • Barclays sponsorship, keynote speaker for British Asian Trust; funded book launch for Baroness Flather  

  • Northwick Park Hospital, Golden Hearts Member; auction and charity dinner host with Attorney General,  

  • Trustee, UnLtd (India); funding social entrepreneurship in India including charity auctions  

  • Co-Chairman with Lord Bilimoria, Board of Advisors, Loomba Trust, major donor,  

  • Pratham, children’s literacy charity, major donor  

  • St Gemma’s Hospice, donor  

  • Trustee GEN, India supporting healthcare in remote villages around Delhi,  

  • United Nations Association Member; assisted corporate development to fund UNA to service  

  • Fellow, Royal Society of Arts  

  • Council Member, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House,


“Hey there,  I'm a digital media marketer and social media manager in Nashville and just wanted to say thank you for your content!  I've learned lots from you and I'm very thankful.  Just wanted to say that.  ” ~ Jack Faulkner

“Hi Alpesh, thanks for accepting my request. I found you on tiktok a while ago and just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the resources you provide, they’ve been invaluable to me so far and i really appreciate you taking the time to do all of that. ” ~ Daniel Dryden 

“Thank you for connecting Alpesh! I love your content on TikTok - you are truly making a great impact on others by sharing your knowledge 👍 ” ~ Andrew Buchner 

“Hi Alpesh I hope you’re well! I came across your content on TikTok and honestly, it’s fantastic. I’d love to connect and stay in the loop with your work. All the best  ” ~ Khalid Shah

“Hi Alpesh, I love your financial services and banking videos on TikTok. I would love to connect and follow as well as learn from your career journey. Thank you and all the best. ” ~ Salmaan Saeed 

“Saw you on tiktok. An inspiration.” ~ Will Niblett





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